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It’s Time to Sparkle

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be mundane. In fact it should be something you care about, something important to you. It only takes a stranger 7 seconds to form an opinion about you. Let’s make that impression a lasting and impactful one, starting with your wardrobe.

Have you ever put on a head to toe outfit that made you feel confident, beautiful and powerful? Let’s create outfits like that for you everyday. There is no reason for you not to.

For some women, their wardrobe is an after thought. A stress to some others. Frustration comes when trying to put together an outfit each day. That is where I come in. I am here to bring back some passion for fashion.

I help women create a wardrobe they fully love. While educating them on how easy it can be to create a proportioned and stylish look that makes you feel like a million bucks! You should have fun with your wardrobe. Especially as a business owner, your wardrobe should reflect you and your brand.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get approached by others for your fabulous sense of style or, have your potential customers see you as a put-together-powerhouse who knows her stuff?

I am here to rekindle that fashion flame inside. Because honey, you are worth it. So let’s have fun. Come along on this journey! I cannot wait to work with you.

A Little About Me

Ashley Rae Lopez

Fashion has always been “my thing.” I would make a mess in my room since I was tiny, changing clothes three times day. Yeah, my mom let me dress myself. She said I did a good job. Dressing up was just too much fun. It still is today. Through fashion, I stood out from the crowd, which I liked.

I grew up in Arizona, where everyone dresses casual. Shorts, a tee, and flip flops are the norm. In high school though you could normally see me strutting my stuff in heels, a little a-line skirt and a fun patterned blazer.

I still to this day get some people asking me, “why are you dressed up?” Sorry, but this is what I want to wear. I am not here to please you. I am here to have fun with my wardrobe and if I am in the mood to wear that skirt, blazer and heels, you bet I will! So, naturally being a fashion connoisseur I dove into the retail scene. The discounts didn’t hurt either to fuel my passion.

I was even able to use my love of fashion to guide me through school, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Merchandise.

Trying out every area of fashion including styling photo shoots, creating and operating runway shows, even attempting clothing design (I do not have the patience for sewing unfortunately).  I finally found my niche.

This is what I was meant to do. I am sharing my love of fashion with women by helping them create a wardrobe they love. I want my clients to feel confident and radiate their beauty inside and out. Fashion should be fun, not a daily frustration and I want to help other’s feel the same way.

When I am not working with my fabulous clients you can find me shopping, thrifting (I love a good deal and the hunt of a treasure)  and spending time with my husband and our cute little Chihuahua-mix dog, Marquee.

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“Fashion is about something else that comes from within you.” — Ralph Lauren