Miracle Babies Annual White Party, San Diego

Miracle Babies Annual White Party, San Diego


“Don’t wear it after Labor Day.”

“Only for the bride to wear on her wedding day.”

“It will make you look ten pounds heavier.”

We have heard it all before! White, to me, is classic, chic and timeless. Looks great on just about everyone too! And if you disagree with me, You just need the right shade! (that is for another post though).

This is all about the Annual White Party benefitting the Miracle Babies charity. Which can you believe this year they raised, $14,200?! That is amazing!

What else is amazing is arriving to an event where the dress code is strictly enforced. And you see a sea of white! It is pretty spectacular. I mean sure, being a stylist and seeing people all dressed up alone gets me excited, but, all white is super cool! I loved checking out the variety of fashion and felt so lucky to cover the event!

The men really impressed me! A neutral pant and white button down was expected. But some men managed to pull out the all white look, and they nailed it! I adored all the women in a variety of dresses and materials. Lots of lace and eyelet were seen! I loved the different textures and variety of material when glancing around the space!

My hats off to everyone who came, supported the event, you all looked fabulous!

Stay Stylish guys and gals


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